Just Shut Up & Smile!

MontageJust Shut Up & Smile! Spreading open the secret worlds that fester inside a woman’s mind…amongst other areas, Just Shut Up & Smile! explores the modern feminine psyche (no, not psycho) of several women and a few innocent bystanders caught in the crossfires; you know them, you are them, you’ve heard of them or you gosh darn, didn’t know they existed! Fighting their way through the swell of Societies’ schizophrenic sense of self and ultimately with themselves.


Written and performed by Simona Berman

Directed by Diana Basmajian

Performance Location:

The Looking Glass Theatre
422 W.57th street (between 9th and 10th).

$18 per ticket. Tickets can be purchased at

Performance schedule is:

Monday 3/16/2009 8pm
Friday 3/20/2009 8pm
Saturday 3/21/2009 5pm
Friday 3/27/2009 8pm
Saturday 3/28/2009 5pm
Monday 3/30/2009 8pm
Friday 4/3/2009 8:30pm

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